• Valle Camonica

    Valle Camonica

    Darfo Boario Terme

    The B&B is in Camonica Valley: ideal place for a quiet holiday, just a few kilometers from the Boario thermal baths.

  • The Bertoletti family

    The Bertoletti family

    Since the beginning
    of the XXth century

    until the 80s managed by the Bertoletti family

B&B in Camonica Valley

The house is entirely made of local stones coming from the near hill called Monticolo”; other materials already present in the building (for example the floor done in terracotta tiles or the typical green shutters) have been used to renovate it, so as to respect the harmony of the structure with the region around. The other parts of the building have been built more recently with the contribution of several members of the family, as the engravings on the external walls show. This is the ideal place to spend a few days in tranquility and it’s very few kilometers from the center and from the Boario thermal baths.

Old Water Mill

The B&B is located inside an old water mill in Erbanno, in a part of a house renovated sometimes ago. Next to the building a few streams flow, once the motive-power of the wheel of the mill, still present outside the house. That’s why you enter the hostel by crossing a little bridge. This is the only water-mill in Darfo Boario Terme. The Bertoletti family has been the owner since the beginning of the XXth century: they ran it until the ‘80s and then it fell into disuse. The central part of the building, where you can still see the outside iron wheel and the internal gears, dates back to 1617, as the engraving on the stone ”Simona” above the old entrance to the mill shows.

The Bertoletti family



How to reach us

Please be careful, because on some GPS this place is often called with the name of CAPEDENARDO. Follow the road markings towards DARFO BOARIO TERME, go past the exit for DARFO and leave the road at BOARIO TERME; when you see directions for BOARIO SUD, turn right and keep going for about 100 metres till you see a wooden notice board. You’ll find our B & B at the end of that road.