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Moro Lake

Near our B&b, the Moro Lake Park extends into the low Camonica Valley, including a large green area in Darfo Boario Terme and Angolo Terme at an average altitude of 380 m above sea level . It is located at the intersection of two streets that follow each other's natural course of the river Oglio, which has its origin in the upper Vallecamonica and continues on into Iseo Lake; the other Dezzo torrent, coming from the Val di Scalve lapping part of the territory of the park to the north, in Sorline place, onto the Oglio river. The territory of the park is divided into five areas, each with its own topography, clearly identifiable in the territory, even for precise specificity characteristics: Monticolo area, Luine area, Sorline area, Castellino area and Moro Lake area. From the point of view of nature, the park is part of an environment characterized by the highest concentration of biodiversity in Europe; this condition is made possible by the presence of the Mediterranean climate of Iseo Lake and the Adamello glacier at a distance of only 48 km, which also favorably effects on local agro-food products, such as cheese, honey, wine and olive oil.
The environment is in fact very various: from Moro Lake natural Dell, to the path that crosses the Monticolo hill, from the path which leads from the lake, through Sorline until Gorzone, with Luine tour routes.
Furthermore, the area of Sorline, thanks to a special microclimate, vegetation grows in the Mediterranean, very different from that of the rest of Vallecamonica. Archaeologically, the Park is characterized by the presence of two important areas: the Park City Luine and the Archaeological Site of Fresh Horns.

The Park is a few miles from our B & B, we will be happy to show you the possible ways to reach it.

Sorline path