How to reach us

Bed & Breakfast “Al Mulino”
Località Bertolet, 6
25047 Darfo Boario Terme (BS)

We you arrive in Camonica Valley, follow the road markings towards DARFO BOARIO TERME, go past the exit for DARFO and leave the road at BOARIO TERME; when you see directions for BOARIO SUD, turn right and keep going for about 100 metres till you see a wooden notice board. You’ll find our B&B at the end of that road.

Please be careful: often some GPS called this place like CAPEDENARDO.




    The Bed & Breakfast “Al Mulino” is in Darfo Boario Terme,
    in locality Bertolet, but please be careful:
    on some GPS this place is often called with the name of CAPEDENARDO.

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